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Advanced fabrics. Innovative technology. Our Eco Performance line features the fits you love and a range of benefits to keep you comfortable in any setting.



Introducing our Eco Performance line featuring innovative fabrics across the collections, from jeans to tops and outerwear that are constructed with some of our most advanced technologies and a range of benefits to keep you comfortable in any setting.

Beat the heat with the +Levi’s® Cool Eco Performance collection created for warmer weather, with fabrics engineered with breathable, sustainably sourced fiber to cool anyone down and wick away moisture. This range features exciting sustainable clothing that are stylish to boot. These cooling fabrics are made from REPREVE®, polyester fiber sourced from recycled plastic bottles. Featuring both men and women apparel, it is perfect for those who are keen on wearing sustainable clothing.

Go above and beyond with +Levi’s® Flex Eco Performance: men’s jeans that are designed to allow freedom of movement and motion. At Levi’s®, we are continuously reinventing what denim jeans should feel and look like, going the extra mile to ensure that the jeans are sustainably made, too. The +Flex Eco Performance line is a testament to that fact — engineered with sustainably sourced fiber and advanced stretch technology for maximum comfort and flexibility.

Sustainable denim brands are hard to come by, which is why we have collaborated with partners to develop a recycling technology that doesn’t sacrifice the quality of the denim and uses less water and chemicals in the process. With the Levi’s® Eco Performance range, we hope to make it easier for everyone to be confident in the choices they make, one jean at a time.

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