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Made first by the Levi's Brand and built to last.

Our garments are truly unique and we'll tell you why.


An American casualwear classic, jeans have evolved from hardworking denim pants into a cultural icon, a canvas for self expression; worn by rock stars, cowgirls, presidents, cool moms, skater guys, and you.


Worn by cowboys and ranch hands in the 1930s, Levi’s® iconic Barstow Western shirt has little choice but to transcend the West. It’s become a wardrobe classic with details like a traditional Western yoke and a snap-front closure.


The iconic wardrobe workhorse, Levi’s® Sawtooth Western shirt, is an update to the original Levi’s® Barstow Western shirt from the 1930s. It has all the classic details like Western yoke and a snap-front closure, along with a slim modern fit and Sawtooth pockets.


Authentic garments made of raw, unsanforized denim, where no shrinking was applied during the production process. The fit, wear and finish are all unique to the wearer depending on wash, wear and care. Before 1960, this was the only way to buy jeans.


Featuring the same 1902 sunset pocket shape as shirts from the Levi’s® Archives.


Levi’s® Trucker Jacket arrived on the scene in 1962. Since then, it’s been worn over pretty much everything, by pretty much everyone. We continue to evolve it every season with new prints, styles and fabrics like fleece, corduroy, sherpa, down and lightweight cotton.


A classic Levi’s® design, designed with two back pockets, two front-side pockets and one smaller 5th pocket (sometimes referred to as a “coin pocket”) on the right hip.