Give In to Your Softer Side With Our New Tops and Dresses

Give In to Your Softer Side—With Our New Tops and Dresses

There’s power in femininity. And this season, we’re celebrating it—with pretty dresses, romantic florals and sweet details—the Levi’s® way.

“There’s a nice contrast and a sensibility built into each of these, so that nothing goes too sweet,” says Jill Guenza, Vice President of Design for Levi’s® Women’s Apparel. “Whether it’s the fabrication or the silhouette, there’s something that grounds it. It’s all about creating that friction, so that there are hints of femininity, but nothing leans overtly feminine. That is really the sweet spot for us.” And these super-pretty styles aren't exclusively for the ladies. “We always design with a broad sensibility and attitude in mind, not necessarily a gender,” says Jill. “It’s much more about a vibe that we’re trying to tap into, and if that happens to appeal to a broad range, we of course welcome that.”

Ready to give in to your feminine side? Here are some of our favorite trends.


You and these flower-covered styles are about to be best buds. (How many cutesy puns are we allowed here, ya think? Two? 200?) The colors and the blooms themselves are individually understated, for an overall effect that’s striking without being distracting. And the best part? No watering required.

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Statement sleeves are always fun, and this inflated variety is as comfortable as it is adorable. We’re so glad these billowy beauties made it out of the Victorian era to be enjoyed today—alongside other delightful details such as tiny buttons, delicate scallops and flowy ruffles.

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