Back to School: All the Accessories You Need

Back to School: All the Accessories You Need

Whether or not you’re actually enrolled in classes, there’s no denying that back-to-school spirit comes for us all when the new school season rolls around. It’s a feeling of excitement and potential—a chance to define (or redefine!) the person you’ll be while walking down the halls of whatever educational or professional institution is lucky enough to have you.

Our recommendation? Harness that BTSE (Back To School Energy) and make some stylish upgrades to your life or your student’s life, if you happen to be shopping on their behalf right now. The easiest way to do that is through A+ accessories—the little oh-and-one-last-thing things that can totally make or break an outfit (or day). We’ve got everything from bags to belts to boots to bucket hats, but today’s star student is the backpack: everyone’s favorite carry-all companion.

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Even if you’re long past the days of lugging homework around, think of everything else a backpack is good for: your keys, phone, laptop, charger, an extra set of clothes or shoes, a water bottle, some pens, snacks, more snacks...

Now available in new class-act colors and patterns, our backpacks are rich in reasons to love them.


Even the most ridiculously good-looking backpack is nothing without functionality. Think pockets deep enough for you to actually fit a water bottle or pencil case, a special sleeve to protect your laptop or notebooks, and tabs you can clip your keys onto. All these elements come together for a quality design and construction that’s meant to last you waaay longer than a semester. And did you know we make our backpacks out of recycled plastic and discarded scraps? “Waste less, stash more,” we like to say.

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The thrill of getting a first-day-of-school ’fit together is real, and we know a fully realized ensemble is one that tells a story. That’s why we designed these backpacks to perfectly complement many of the colors and patterns you’ll see everywhere else in our lineup this season, so they can be worn with your new favorite Levi’s® shirts, pants, hats and more.

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Your whole life is inside your backpack. It makes sense that you’d want the exterior to be just as reflective of you as a person. So after you pick the color or pattern that speaks to your soul, consider taking the personalization a step further with some DIY magic. We’ve got tutorials for hangtags, intentional distressing and more in our blog. Being voted that" Most Unique" superlative is in the bag.

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