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/ Three For The Road

Levi's® Roadwear'sYour Journey Contest lands three passionate visionaries

If inspiration jumpstarts the way we discover our talents, passion is what fuels us to drive even further. It is with this belief that Levi's® Roadwear launched its Your Journey Contest held from March 23 to June 30, 2011. A competition that discovered three unique individuals--a body paint artist, a traceur (one who practices parkour) and a photographer, who despite hailing from different backgrounds, were driven to a different route to journey into their life-long dreams.

A Colorful Canvas
Body Painter

"Eight years, since I was fifteen," Gloria "Badj" Virola proudly shares how long she has been into body painting. Like most success stories, everything was accidental: Filling in for an artist who missed a show followed by a string of realizations set Badj to embark on this journey. Body painting pushed her boundaries as she took the road less traveled--even pursuing nursing as backup. Art is her form of self-expression, just like a pair of Levi's® jeans--a stylish complement to her overflowing creativity. Now, Badj wants to journey to more colorful horizons abroad in search for worldwide recognition.

Form and Movement
Parkour Enthusiast

Grand aspirations, more often than not, start from small beginnings. For traceur and parkour enthusiast Nas Solar, it was all cinematic--Casino Royale. Its breathtaking chase scenes inflamed his passion to leap to greater heights. His curiosity fueled him to challenge the limits of his body not surrendering to both fear and pain. Three years into this parkour, Nas lays his eyes to greater jumps ahead. His desire to integrate parkour into the police force eventually led him to continue their program tour--Around the Nation (ATN)--which educates kids on the sport, its techniques, and its many other little secrets. Nas relies on Levi's® flexibility and comfort, and its macho image to match his daredevil spirit in exploring the great outdoors and pursuing his life-long dreams. We can be sure he will go places, even to those beyond his dreams.

An Eye for Perfection

Money, time, chance--their presence or absence easily makes or break dreams. In the case of Rodin Gabriel Rodriguez, fate found him doing what he really loved. A degree on Hotel and Restaurant Management and the lack of proper resources didn't stop Rodin from turning into photography--his life-long source of joy. Who would have thought that using a borrowed camera to help a friend through his homework could ignite a spark in him? An eye for perfection with a great sense of style defined what Rodin was made of in the years that passed - similar to his favorite pair of Levi's®. "There can be beauty from nature and man-made things as well," is what he always says. Together Rodin sees nothing but opportunities ahead--undoubtedly a beautiful snapshot of things to come.

Levi's® is proud to have these three passionate youngsters as winners for the Your Journey contest. Much more than just sharing their own personal passion stories, we trust that they have inspired other individuals as well. Levi's® hopes that with the end of the Roadwear Campaign, we have moved all of you to start pursuing your own passions. Take these winners' examples and get your very own dreams going on that road to reality. Set your passions ablaze and let it spread around like wildfire, igniting other people's passions, too.

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